The Windy City

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Our final destination in the North Island saw us visit the capital city Wellington for 3 nights as you saw from the previous post! People weren’t lying, it is very windy so a wind proof jacket wouldn’t go a miss! Chris (Airbnb host) and Ralph (the Schnauzer) made us feel very welcomed at their place. Ralph was just a legend… It’s not weird to call a random person’s dog the same one as your own at home? and proceed to call him that for the entire stay is it?! (Withdrawal symptoms are still heavy). 

Wellington is a really cool city, we have experienced a Kiwi cinema (watched Lion and was incredible), eaten some `Ugly` Bagels, explored Cuba street, shopped on Lambton Quay, travelled up the Cable Car,  honed our kiwi knowledge at the Te Papa Museum and last but not least…had some outstanding coffee (to Brogan’s disgust – she thinks I have a genuine addiction and I don’t think she’s wrong). 

It should also be noted that as we walked through Wellington I was expressing how amazing New Zealand was for it’s lack of chavs, literally 5 minutes later we walked around the corner and saw a 20 stone Kiwi lady pushing a supermarket trolley with a pitbull next to her kicking a Kiwi man because he had told her to stop ‘messing around with a drug dealer’ – think Kiwi Jeremy Kyle and you’re on the right lines.

To conclude our Wellington visit we had some drinks on the balcony with Chris and watched Indiana Jones! 
Saturday morning we were up at the crack of dawn to catch the ferry over to the south Island. After docking we drove straight down to Nelson to meet a couple of Brogan’s uni friends and we’ve planned to share a villa in Bali! 

North island ✔

Jamie & Brogan





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