Fraser At Its Finest

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Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and one of the most iconic places to visit in the whole of Australia. The world heritage site is so well protected that only two resorts have ever been commissioned to occupy some of its precious land. We booked onto a two day overnight tour with around 20 others, all managed by our brilliant tour guide David. At 7am we were collected and made our way to the ferry. After a ride through the shark infested waters (it’s illegal to swim in the sea for this very reason), we entered the bus. As far as buses go this was more or less as good as it gets. In order to traverse the sand, the bus was a heightened 4WD with a tank like engine and reinforced body (David also drove it like an absolute nutter which was fun). The first day we visited the freshwater ‘Lake Mckenzie’ with its crystal clear water. Following this, we had a rainforest walk, took a dip in the ‘Champagne Pools’, and climbed ‘Indian Head’ where we bonded with two more Brits whom we spent much of the remaining time on the tour with. Fraser Island is home to hundreds of animal species and while we unfortunately encountered no venomous spiders or snakes (residents include the black widow, funnel spider, python, and death ada) we did get to see a dingo munching on a coconut which is fairly rare (we had to keep our distance as they have been known to be aggressive). We also saw a giant lace monitor lizard and loads of fish.

The group you get placed with is always a lottery and we had a pretty good mix, I mean everybody seemed sociable and up for a laugh. So after dinner we asked a few people if they were up for some beverages at the beach bar and most seemed keen. Brogan and I had a few drinks in our room before making it down to the bar expecting to see 5 or 6 people down there, at worst case 2 or 3? Unfortunately it seemed everybody decided to call it a night at 7pm, leaving us two in the bar with our cocktails and a hint of disappointment. What’s more annoying is the two Brits actually went down to the bar about 5 minutes after we gave up hope and left! 

Day two was as good as the first and began with a 1 hour uphill hike across sand dunes to Lake Maunganui which was well worth the blood sweat and tears. The lake was filled with the same fish they use in the infamous foot cleansing tanks and ours were just as eager to have a nibble. After a quick stop off at a shipwreck, we concluded our journey at ‘Eli Creek’ which is a natural current through the jungle with the purest drinking water you can find. It’s hard to do the whole experience justice, but as you can see from the pictures, Fraser Island has some spectacular places and that’s why it’s in our top three of the travels so far. 

On a side note we were surprised at how peaceful a sleep we had considering the abundance of animal inhabitants on Fraser Island. It seemed we had a delayed effect here and in fact our night in the YHA hostel back on mainland was the ‘creepier’ one. After the nightly ritual of squashing 4 or 5 mosquitos, we began to settle down, had a quiet read, and started to feel relaxed enough to drift off… and then BAM, this grotesque beetle thing with wings drops on my bare belly from the roof and starts crawling around the bed (I’m sure it was purposefully parading around the mattress to taunt us). I quickly tried to squash it but you know what these cockroach species are like, they never die. After managing to clear this out and once again about to enter dream land, Brogan let’s out a massive gasp and shouts ‘GECKO ON THE WALL’ which was that loud, it not only spurred the gecko into a panic attack causing it to race around the wall, but it also managed to wake the loud snorer from next door who we were moaning about (there’s always a silver lining). We finally cleared the room of wildlife and had a horrific nights sleep, but all in all one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had!





4 thoughts on “Fraser At Its Finest

  1. Fraser Island looks amazing!! I’ve only ever heard good things about it apart from it being quite pricy, definitely will not miss this when we’re in Oz, happy travels :)xx


    1. Yeah it is quite pricey for one of the tours but to make it cheaper you can always rent your own 4×4 car, camp there and see the island for yourself? We thought about this but then didn’t like the idea of camping amongst all the spiders, snakes and dingos!! Haha. Xx


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