Finishing On Ice 

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Time seems to be steaming ahead and it’s crazy to believe another month has passed, and with it, our time in Australia. We’ve both agreed after much deliberation that our final aus adventures (I.e. this blog) come in at number one for our time here. 
The last two legs of the trip saw us endure two lovely coach trips of 12 and 10 hours respectively. One was overnight and the other during the day and they were both pretty grim but worth it for the pennies we saved! The first long haul was to get us to a place called Airlie beach which is the main gateway to the Whitsunday islands. We booked onto a 2 night, 3 day catamaran tour with 10 others and were not disappointed in the slightest. The group we had were awesome and whilst the only other male had the personality of a frying pan and enjoyed an 8pm bedtime, I just embraced the gay best friend role amongst the 8 other ladies. The boat itself was brilliant, complete with paddle boards, clear kayaks, sea scooters and a huge sunbathing net. Every day we had 3 quality meals cooked for us and we all brought our own alcohol on board. We boarded the boat in the afternoon so the first stop was actually a sail to the anchorage for the night which allowed us to mingle and have drinks with our Austrian, Australian, Taiwanese, and Danish friends (some mix I know). We watched the sunset from the boat and then did some star gazing. As we expressed how life couldn’t get much better, a huge shooting star arched over us all and seemed to last forever… not a bad first day!

The following morning involved a trip to the world famous great barrier reef and it was everything we expected, huge colourful coral, more fish than we could count (including nemo who was tucked away in his anemone), and a monster fish called George who was genuinely the size of a labrador. We had to wear stinger suits as it’s jellyfish season and the deadly irukandji can be lethal!

In the afternoon we visited Whitehaven beach which was postcard worthy, we walked through the crystal clear waters accompanied by lemon sharks and manta rays! Whitehaven beach is the second most photographed location in all of Australia (after the Opera house) and it’s easy to see from the pictures why.

Another night of drinks ended with the skipper showing us his party trick; he went to the bottom step of the boat, began to thrash around in the water with a metal pole and to our amazement the black sea lit up like fairy lights which was actually the result of phytoplankton which glow green when they are moved in the water! Our final day topped everything off, we anchored in turtle cove after passing two dolphins on the way and began another snorkelling excursion. This time we were on the search for sea turtles and within minutes we succeeded. Thriving in the 30 degree ocean the turtles were easy to find and  amazing to encounter, they are also quicker than people think but once you find them they are more than happy to swim alongside you. This concluded our adventure around the Whitsundays and is something we won’t forget in a hurry!

The last few days before we departed to Bali we were based in Cairns in another air bnb. This time it was a ‘tree house in the jungle’. I loved it but Brogan’s ongoing gecko phobia continued to plague her and resulted in daily (humane) removals which if anybody hasn’t seen a gecko run before is not an easy task… We also had a chance to visit the Daintree rainforest and Cape tribulation where the great barrier reef meets the jungle – pretty cool! The stereotype of Australia and Spiders also become very apparent here, there were some big ass spiders out there with webs the size of pillowcases!!! 





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