Sunsets in Seminyak

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So with the expensive destinations out of the way, our next step of the adventure was to touch ground in Asia, specifically Bali. Given we have arrived from the developed likes of New Zealand, Australia and of course England, Bali was quite a contrast to where we have been exploring up until now. 

Perhaps magnified by the fact we left a deserted Cairns airport, we entered an extremely frantic Bali airport. More or less from exiting the aircraft, people were trying to take our bags (for tips), surrounding us shouting taxi quotes at us, looking at our phones ‘claiming’ our plan for a taxi was not possible, basically finding any way to make us part with our precious Pennies! After a lot of negotiating and a fair degree of stubbornness we jumped in a taxi and made it to our budget hotel in Seminyak. We weren’t actually booked in for the first night which caused a few issues, not to mention the huge cockroach roaming the walls of reception! The joys of Asia!

Seminyak was really cool, the food is so cheap (dinner for two = £8, beer = £1), and the beaches are nice (although not quite on a level with Australia). We both loved Bali as soon as we got here, once you get past and ignore the constant haggling and touting at every step you turn, realising that these irritants are only trying to make a living, it’s hard not to love the friendly Balinese, their green beautiful country, and of course their awesome cooking skills. 

Towards the end of our short time in Seminyak we visited our friends down in Uluwata who we met up with in New Zealand some time ago. After a short walk past several drug dealers, and then ironically a swat team with semi automatics (one of them was genuinely on candy crush), we arrived at a place called Single Finn beach club which was a really good (albeit sweaty and overcrowded) drunken night. Heading home in a taxi was a bit of a nightmare (you’ll see why at the end) and rather irresponsibly, we paid a random old Balinese couple to take us on an hour and a half journey back to our hotel in a banged out car featuring cockroaches and some weird noises coming from the boot mid journey (we were too drunk to care). On the subject of taxis, the local drivers in Bali HATE Uber with an absolute passion as it is so cheap (a half an hour journey is around 98p), and the hostilities have turned quite aggressive as of late (local drivers have been following uber drivers and beating them up – not the customers). As a result of this, Ubers will either not pick you up, or will WhatsApp you first ensuring that there are ‘no dangers if I pick you up sir’. 

During our time we were lucky enough to have a clear night and watch the incredible Bali sunset. It was pretty perfect, lounging on the La Plancha bean bags at the beach, beer in hand watching the sun go down… pretty sweet right? We also spent a day at the popular Potato Head beach club, which although pricey was a lovely afternoon for a spot of lunch and swimming (cool place to go). 





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