Island Hopping

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Before we had chance to say Singapore Slinger, we were back in the air on our way to Phuket, one of the many stunning Thai Islands on our itinerary. Having your birthday abroad has it perks, my present from my parents was a two night stay in an Anantara two bedroom villa which was nothing short of insane. The private pool was bigger than most communal pools and for a short time we had a taste of the good life. Although it was a struggle, we did leave the villa and explore the island via bicycles. There were a couple of restaurants we visited to try out the authentic thai dishes. We were also impressed with how friendly the staff were, they were constantly working from morning to night yet the smiles rarely left their faces. 

Relaxing turned to stress when we boarded the ferry over to the next island known as Phi Phi. Unfortunately we arrived at the port in the middle of a torrential downpour, our bags were completely drenched and as the island has no transport we had to walk to our accommodation, it was one of those moments where you could only laugh as you waded through ankle high water. Our rooms were nice enough and built up in the jungle which is of course home to our primate siblings! On mornings we were greeted with monkeys which just sat on our balconies eating the food they stole from the kitchens and one of them was even clever/cheeky enough to attempt to slide the balcony door open in Dan and Leila’s room (thankfully it was locked). People pay good money to visit monkey sanctuaries and we were living in one!
Phi phi was a contrast to Phuket in that the island has more of a party vibe and hence home to the infamous ‘vodka buckets’. The first night we tested these out and watched thai boxing which was really entertaining. There was one organised match and the rest of the fights were fearless audience members who fought to win the prestigious award of… you guessed it, a free vodka bucket!

Feeling a bit hungover the morning after, we woke at 6am to beat the crowds to Maya Bay which has become intensely popular as ‘The Beach’ with Leo DiCaprio was filmed there. A quiet Thai man took us on his very wethered but beautiful long boat to the island and we had four stops including lagoons, snorkelling spots, a Viking cave , and of course ‘the beach’ itself. The day was fantastic and we ended it by once again getting back on the vodka buckets to watch a fire show which verged on madness. At one point, 5 volunteers put cigarettes in their mouths which were then lit by the performers who spun two blazing sticks in circles and got uncomfortably close to the audience member’s precious faces. Only in Phi Phi!

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