Oh Barnacles!

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Island hopping has continued but unfortunately we have been bombarded with relentless rain nearly every day which for the islands is not ideal at all. First on the agenda was Krabi which we used as a gateway to visit 3 more islands on a tour (we took advantage of a rare sunny day): chicken island, tub island, and koh poda. Everything was going swimmingly until the snorkelling started. Jamie and Dan were exploring the sea life and as Jamie put his head out to clean his snorkel he kicked out really hard to stay above the water and (cue the cringing) sliced sliced his foot straight down a barnacle. The staff on the trip were on it, drowning it with antispectic and cleaning up the trail of blood he left on the boat. After bandaging it, the tour guide told us she would have to take him to a doctor when we landed which kind of ruined the rest of the day for him as he could no longer walk… everyone else had a blast though! Anyway, to cut a long story short, he should have had stitches but because the wound is right across the base of his foot, the stitches would just tear so he had to just let it heal slowly by itself. The doctor was really helpful and as the boat operators should have apparently informed us of the barnacles and rocks it was technically their fault and obligation to pay (woop). 

It’s been a nice change in dynamic with Dan and Leila and really good to get much closer to them. They also helped plan a lot of our days as they’ve been to Thailand before! After Krabi we arrived at Koh Phangan (aka the ‘party island’). Aside from finding a really cool outdoor cinema, the snorkelling wound meant we couldn’t get our dancing shoes on as originally intended and combined with the constant rain, really brought everybody’s mood down. As a last minute solution we decided to change our plan and spend 4 nights in the most developed island, Koh Samui. This was the best decision we ever made as the rains continued to pound us but we had plenty more options on Samui. The airbnb we stayed in was brilliant and brought the mood back up. We thought it might be interesting to give Thailand driving a go so we rented a car for a few days. This allowed us to travel over the entire island and was good for honing the driving skills as we constantly had scooters taking us on either side and floods to avoid on most roads, not to mention the absence of a police force on the island (you can imagine the driving conditions).

Never letting the rain stop our plans, we experienced a live escape game, waterfall walk (Jamie perfected the hobble walk further – probably not doctor advisable), visited a few impressive temples, and enjoyed our first ladyboy show! We also watched a sunset from our balcony with some drinks which was pretty damn sweet. As with many Asian countries, stray dogs continue to be a big issue in Samui, and we drove to one of the biggest shelters on the island to try and understand the problem and donate some money to support the respectable cause. It was quite upsetting to see so many abandoned animals when we are used to our pampered pooches back in England, but at the same time we have the utmost respect for the owner who works every day to feed, wash and care for these poor animals.

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The time has gone incredibly fast and we have completed our twelth flight to make it to Chiang Mai, home to the elephants! From here we fly to Bangkok and then onto our final destination of the trip, Vietnam! 





7 thoughts on “Oh Barnacles!

  1. Oh dear, hope it has completely healed. The cut that Jamie sustained. Next time, get the rubber shoes for the snorkel!
    Hope you enjoy the street food along Chang Klan road and Thaepae (Sunday) gate in Chiang Mai!

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  2. I just got back from Thailand and I miss it. Reading your post is bringing back great memories. We must have just missed the monsoon that guys encountered! The north is so different from the southern islands. I really wanted to get around by scooter, but I didn’t want to risk injury on my trip. Damn barnacles, tho. Keep taking these beautiful photos. I’ve been posting about my trip little by little on my travel blog wanderingandroaming.wordpress.com.

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    1. Yes we were pretty unlucky with the weather when we were exploring the Thai island but we didn’t let it spoil it! Oh yeh, we were totally the same, didn’t want to risk any major injuries since it’s a bit crazy! Thanks, we will be sure to check it out 🙂

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