Trunks and Tuk Tuk’s

adventure, backpacking, couple, Travel

Following a fantastic two weeks with our friends, we were once again airbound and headed for chiang mai ‘aka elephant land’. As elephants are an issue in Thailand (with the ridden and working elephants enduring awful lives, not to mention the behaviour that goes on to get the elephants to submit to riding in the first place) we decided to book onto an ethical tour. The company’s purpose was to home elephants and care for them where others fell short. The income from the tours was primarily spent on food and medicine for the upkeep of the nellys. We both agreed this was one of our favourite days in Thailand. 

Throughout the day, we fed the elephants, gave them treats (sugar cubes), we then went into a thick mud pit and rubbed sludge all over an elephant who was loving every minute of it (this is done to cool the skin down and the elephant fully lies down which was awesome). We spent most of the day feeding and washing the animals and they were so well looked after it was brilliant to see. At the end, we all washed ourselves in the mini waterfall and the elephants soaked us all with their trunks! We also had homemade thai food and learnt all about the country and heard some sad stories from the tour guides. After we said goodbye to the animals we were taken to a waterfall to do some cliff jumping. My stupid foot was still causing issues at this point meaning I wasn’t able to do it but Brogan took the plunge and nearly blew her eardrums up as a result! As time was so short we were back in the air again the following morning, bound for our final destination in Thailand… Bangkok. 

Our accommodation in lady boy land was quite strange, it was a hostel above a massage parlour (although ours seemed to be the only one on the street not offering happy endings). On every corner there were provocatively dressed boys, no wait girls, no wait boys with girls’ bits… never mind, there were ‘humans’ on every corner in mini skirts enticing men all over the place. We felt like three days was enough in Bangkok but were impressed with the ginormous shopping malls and eye catching temples. We enjoyed 70p meals at the terminal 21 food court, experienced the infamous tuk tuk, watched locals all over the place blasting each other with water pistols (Thailand new year) and even managed a sunset on the marriot rooftop (happy hour 241 cocktails of course). We both concurred that one lady boy show was enough (in Koh Samui) and avoided a repeat in Bangkok! I nearly got to meet up with my friend Jake who I lived with in Leeds for two years through university but the time slot was too thin and we weren’t able to make it happen which was a shame! A fantastic end to our time in Thailand and a perfect prelude to Vietnam! 





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