70 Facts: Our Four Month Backpacking Trip

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It’s hard to summarise in words everything we’ve done so the best way to showcase it is through some facts… 


117 hours of self driving
44 hours of coach journeys
26 public bus rides
15 flights
14 boat trips
12 rented bicycles
11 train journeys
1 crazy tuk tuk


21 Hostels
15 Hotels
8 Air bnb’s
2 Boat sleeps
1 Sleeper train
1 Airport sleep
1 Tent


42 cities/towns
29 beaches
16 amazing sunsets
15 lakes
12 waterfalls
7 countries
7 temples
6 museums
5 kayaking trips
5 snorkelling trips
4 rides down the luge
3 caves
2 paddle board sessions
2 mountain bike rides
2 shooting stars
1 surfing lesson
1 shot over jet ride
1 cliff jump
1 whale watch
1 black water rafting experience
1 mountain climbed
1 game of mini golf
1 trip to the zoo
Infinite amounts of walking and hikes


13 bug exterminations
3 bouts of The Bali belly
2 bouts of The Thai tummy
2 bouts of The Saigon squirts
2 packets of Imodium
2 scars
1 foot wound
1 leg wound
1 earthquake
1 missed flight
1 monsoon
1 migraine
1 lost bum bag (later found in a basket)
Infinite insect bites
Infinite repacking of bags


109 days without any major fallouts
60 litres of sweat
60 unnecessarily bought protein bars
19 nationalities befriended
18 dogs we named Alfie
14 books read
14 bottles of suncream
7 vodka buckets
6 massages
4 haircuts
4 near death experiences crossing roads
2 kisses from a ladyboy
1 new year in Thailand
1 birthday
1 anniversary
Infinite amounts of street 

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Twenty Four In Singapore

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After the disastrous start with missed flights and lost luggage, the issues ironed themselves out and we began the next leg of the travels as a four… first stop Singapore! Check in was smooth and the rooms were okay but we did notice an unusual amount of high heeled, short skirted thai ladies dotted around the streets. A bit of research quickly confirmed our suspicions that we were staying in the red light district area! By night we may have been kept up by certain noises and moving beds as it seems our hotel was a sort of meeting point for clients and workers, but by day we really made use of our short time there. 

The second day of Singapore happened to be my (Jamie’s) birthday and what a birthday it was. Universal studios during the day ended with a thai curry, followed shortly by roof top drinks on Marina Bay Sands and a wander through the Supertree Groves to finish, all enjoyed with our friends who travelled 20 hours to join us on our adventure. It is certainly a birthday that will stick in my memory for some time! The following day we also got to meet Dan’s brother at Mambo Beach Club. The place was really cool as it played music throughout the whole day and also had some deals on the drinks. Perfect spot for a sunbathing day!

Although we only had 3 nights there, Singapore was a genuinely beautiful place to visit and a perfect warm up for our Thailand escapades.